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How to Use an ADKAR Canvas to Unlock Change Challenges

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We’re all facing critical and rapid changes in our organizations that we must implement successfully. Yet change resources are especially stretched right now. That’s why we're offering this timely, people-focused, 90-minute webinar—a new premium webinar offering from Prosci. It’s packed with actionable, practical tools and a new approach to rapidly identify barriers and solutions with ADKAR force field analysis.

In the legendary webinar format Prosci is known for, you’ll learn how to use a new set of powerful, flexible ADKAR tools with supporting activity guides that you can immediately apply to unlock change and drive successful outcomes.

This webinar is designed for those responsible for helping individuals transition through the changes happening in their organizations. This can include:

  • Experienced change practitioners working in complex change scenarios
  • Change practitioners who are just learning how to use the ADKAR methodology
  • Individuals who are leading the change function in the organization
  • Anyone supporting the change management efforts around remote workers returning to the workplace

Learning Objectives

  • Explore how to introduce ADKAR to your organization to establish a common language for change
  • Generate ideas for ADKAR tactics and how to prepare, equip and support people through change using a force field analysis
  • Learn how to use an ADKAR Canvas as the basis for inclusive, collaborative engagement with employees about change
  • Take a tour in the Prosci Portal of the tools and resources that can support you in activating ADKAR
  • Establish your next steps to putting ADKAR in action with an ADKAR activation plan

This digital research report is for your personal use only. After purchasing, you will be able to access the report via the Prosci Portal. Please contact if you have any problems accessing your report. 

  • ADKAR Canvas webinar replay access for one year
  • Prosci ADKAR Model Overview presentation slides
  • ADKAR: A Model for Change in Business, Government and Community shareable eBooks
  • ADKAR Canvas templates (downloadable and fillable)
  • ADKAR Canvas Whiteboard presentation slide template
  • Detailed Activity Guides for each ADKAR Canvas use case
  • Applications of ADKAR Research Reports